Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tippy's sister Heidi is sick, she has come down with a kidney infection and it has made her kidneys stop functioning the way they should. Her first bun test (Blood Urea Nitrogen) had her level at 140, normal level should be 34 or lower. the doctor gave her an antibiotic shot and pills. She seemed to get better for a few days, then seemed to take a turn for the worse. Mom and gramma took her back to the doctor and her bun level number had gone up higher, the doctor said it was not looking good for her but he gave her a bag of fluids and sent her home. a few days later dad took her back to have her checked, (mom and dad both thought she was not comming home again) but her bun levels have come down and she has more energy so mom and dad think she is on the road to recovery. She needs to go back to the doctor next week for a check, we are all hoping for good news


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Good luck, Heidi. We are sending healing dachsie thoughts and prayers your way. We hope your vet's magic keeps working and you get all healthy again.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Maggie & Marie said...

Oh, Tippy! :( I hope Heidi gets better! I will tell my mom so we can pray for her! :) Keep me updated on how she is doing...she looks so sad in her picture, I just want to come and give her lots of licks!


Tippy said...

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers, Heidi still seems like she is getting better but we have to wait a week and have her tested again to be sure.

Love, Tippy